Megan Lynch a photographer and mixed media artist located in Philadelphia, PA. She currently holds a Studio Assistant position at BDDW. Megan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of the Arts (UArts) in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts. She has assisted in the instruction of courses and workshops at Peter’s Valley School of Craft and UArts. Her work had been exhibited at the A. Smith Gallery and Little Berlin Gallery among others. Her work has been featured In OURS Photo Magazine and Don’t Smile Magazine

My works revolve around the idea of visibility and access. Derived from my own anxieties when considering the fact that nothing and no one is can truly be unmasked or understood. Stuck living the never-ending mystery.

“we only have access to what there is. But not everything is accessible...the meaning of the writing on the wall is available to [us] if [we] can read the language in which it is written...” - Alva Noe